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The North Face

<transcy>SUPREME X THE NORTH FACE - Jackets</transcy>

<transcy>SUPREME X THE NORTH FACE - Jackets</transcy>

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The collaboration between Supreme and The North Face - a unique concept of its kind

The Supreme brand certainly stands out, with its clothes and accessories in red and white. The front logo does not go unnoticed and is a key element of the brand's communication strategy. The North Face focuses on the outdoor aspect to complement the Supreme streetwear component. Over the years, the sports brand has attracted many lovers of the genre - from rappers to mountain lovers and this is precisely the context in which in 2007 the two brands decided to join forces with captivating collections.

The basis for the success of an unexpected collaboration
The Supreme label was founded in 1994. At first it was a simple clothing store in New York, launched by James Jebbia for the skate world. Its success was such that the brand quickly developed, with the help of a solid communication strategy and thanks to the fact that the number of clothes and accessories was limited edition. Supreme's "Box Logo Hoodie" is one of the brand's most desired items.

As for The North Face, the story begins in the 1960s in San Francisco, with a brand aimed at hikers, trekking and nature enthusiasts. The logo itself was designed as a reference to a block of granite from Yosemite Valley in California. The clothing and accessories created by the brand are made to protect people outdoors in often difficult climatic conditions. The most important criteria? Comfort and practicality, without detracting from the aesthetics of the designs.

The changing face of collaboration
Over time, the collaboration between Supreme and The North Face has become a fashion fixture. Each new collection launched by the two brands is always highly coveted, with pieces that sell out in a few hours. The products combine the high-performance features offered by North Face with the distinctive style of Supreme - the characteristics of the lines vary, but there are always graphic prints, ubiquitous logos and high-performance, high-quality materials. The success of the collaboration is also driven by communication and by the many VIPs who have worn the collection, such as rapper Drake and his leopard-print jacket from the autumn-winter 2011 season. The most evident influences are pop culture and streetwear.

Supreme x The North Face - Week 10 - 29 Ottobre 2020 - Italianhype
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